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Speaker 1 - 00:00:00 - Andy Hood who's covered cycling for a long time. Sorry Andy, you're not that old but not young either but he's been around a long time. Um, there's he wrote an article on VeloNews just one day ago. It says headline are Froome Sky plotting an ambush to win the Giro the entire article is about exactly what happened.

Speaker 2 - 00:00:25 - Maybe he published it today and post-dated it.

Speaker 1 - 00:00:29 - That would be uh, that didn't happen. But you know hats here's like well he called it. He called the move and you know, that's what you get. I love when you have a sport that's covered by guys who know what the fuck they're talking about.

Speaker 1 - 00:00:59 - Okay. Well, uh, welcome back to the move JB and everybody listening. We did not expect to be sitting here today.

Speaker 2 - 00:01:05 - Not at all. This wasn't planned. This is kind of a bonus show.

Speaker 1 - 00:01:10 - Special edition breaking news like, you know, the little or whatever they do. Um, I I'm just going to make one statement here right off the top and just uh be very clear what we witnessed today. Um from Chris Froome was probably one of the most monumental rides hat we may ever see and I don't want to make it too grandiose. But you just uh, we'd certainly the biggest ride we've seen in the last decade.

Speaker 2 - 00:01:43 - Of course, we're referencing stage 19 of the where we never had ruled out. A lot of people had ruled out Chris Froome just didn't look like it was going to happen for it

Speaker 1 - 00:01:50 - Including yours truly. I mean his we you know, but his race was over and I think um in his own head. He thought the race was over but I think what's interesting is before what we saw today, which again epic epic epic ride words cannot say enough for that that that type of effort. They knew that this was possible. They saw that Simon Yates. What what did we read lost 28 seconds in less than two kilometers yesterday 14 seconds of kilometer when you've been riding that strong is I mean that just every every light goes off and this Guy's in trouble, um, my sources of Team Sky tell me that that this is exactly this wasn't random this wasn't like, oh my God, he's getting dropped because of course they can see that he's getting dropped. This was planned. This was we are going to go to the front on the finest the climb the hard climb that eventually turned to gravel or dirt and we're going to set an extremely high Tempo, which he then Simon Yates was then shelled from

Speaker 2 - 00:2:55 - And fast that we need to everybody knows that we actually have a lot of people who listen to this podcast and have it watched it and don't even intend to watch it. But I mean Yates just crumbled and it went from a minute to two minutes to 10 and before you know, it it was he was 14 minutes down and Lance's blowing up all of our phones this morning going. Are you watching this?

Speaker 1 - 00:03:25 - Like I was just because my phone was blowing up. I mean it was it was like it was insane the amount of inbound. Data coming to my phone just because of this just isn't the look. I'm quite frankly. I'm really surprised by this. Um, I'm also really impressed that the sky director Nicholas portal when asked just a few days ago, um who they were looking to and week three and we've talked about what week threes like it's not like weeks one or two, you know, who they were worried about who they were focused on he did not even mention Simon Yates. Here's a guy who's done whatever he wants to do in the bike race. Completely dominated he has the pink jersey and we all thought Christopher's races over the director says now he can't survive the third week and he was exactly right. So you got to give it to him for just straight up calling it.

Speaker 2 - 00:04:15 - So a lot of those team meetings throughout the last week or so we can half or they're probably sitting there going. Hey, we're racing our own race here. Just wait wait till week 3,

Speaker 1 - 00:04:26 - I it didn't feel that way. You certainly did. You're right. No, I didn't feel that way. And I don't I don't I mean he won on the zone and then had another had a had a down day the day after I think they just I think the combination of seen Simon Yates really on the ropes in a big time way yesterday. And then also look, they're in a position. Where the fuck do they have? Nothing to lose like why

Speaker 2 - 00:04:43 - It kind of felt like when from one on the Zocalo that was like Hey, I'm least I'm going to win stage at the Giro didn't it seem like that sort of like at least I'm going to walk away with this

Speaker 1 - 00:05:03 - It felt like it to me, but I we don't know what he was thinking. But um, you know that type of Ambush is what you get to do when you're three minutes down or whatever and and and it really you have look nothing to lose and so, um, I just don't think but there were a lot of losers actually today. Obviously. Simon Gates was was loser. Tom demo, um was although I'm going to talk about him and I'm going to talk about him for tomorrow, you know. He um, he lost the the today but you know, and I'm not trying to be critical because you know, the question here's the question. The question is if it's 80 K to go in the race and the best rider in the world goes makes the move. Do you try to follow him or do you say okay that seems a little early? This is crazy. No way. He can all the things that are easy to say in your head. We can bring him back we we can chase him down. He can't sustain this like but the reality and here's the reality. Okay, and this is the truth and this comes straight from within that team. He could not follow so he had no choice for the people that sit there and say, um, uh, you know, he could have gone with him, but he chose not to so there was not an luck.

Speaker 2 - 00:06:18 - It wasn't an option.

Speaker 1 - 00:06:21 - Now when on the heels of Skies acceleration the tempo they said on the climb and from going making the move. He couldn't go so if you can't then you and then okay right part two is he then stuck as as and it just like happened the other day right? He's stuck with a group of four or five two of which are guys that are competing for the white jersey The Young Riders Jersey so they don't want to do too much because they don't they're playing each other watching each other. So he's there doing the Lion's Share of the work

Speaker 2 - 00:06:58 - And um gets Dumoulin even get sniped at the end for some extra seconds because they sat on his wheel the whole time.

Speaker 1 - 00:07:05 - Yeah, which by the way well again, you have guys competing for there's a lot of interest here. So it is a dog-eat-dog world at that point, but I'm sure that did not make him very happy right? But but what I would say is is um, look, there's been a crazy race and I want to spend some time talking about Simon Yates who I think thus far has made it a crazy race and made it very exciting I warned I didn't warn but I but we spoke about this in the last show. I was worried that he was doing too much and he was too good. Not too good in the suspicious since just too good that there's no need. There's no need to what we'll get into in just a second. But um tomorrow is is not a flat stage. We're not riding into Rome and sipping champagne. Tomorrow is a legit stage two hundred and fourteen kilometers big mountains uphill finish Christopher's great. He's the best rider in the world, but what he did today, burn some matches today. I'm just telling you and they're gonna be in defense mode tomorrow. And so you just then it you know, if I'm Dylan I go to bed going 40 seconds anything can happen

Speaker 2 - 00:08:15 - As I was watching all this unfold today. I thought about two things that you talked about a lot and one is the strength of a team that freight train of Sky just peeling off guys was awesome.

Speaker 1 - 00:08:27 - I just can I just say one thing stop you right there. So because your and what we're going to see tomorrow the thing now it's going to be flipped tomorrow. Like I said, they're going to be playing defense. So if you're Tom demo team son web then it's your responsibility to try and do that enough to do that that then is the question. Yeah, and so they they have to they if they want to win the race they have to try to duplicate and replicate that and so that's you know, that's the 100 million dollar pink question for tomorrow. And so that's

Speaker 2 - 00:09:00 - Another thing you bring up a lot that I think a lot of us. Don't fully grasp you talk about the maturity in the years to be a grand tour leader. And this is what we're seeing in 25 year old Yates not ready for that three-week load.

Speaker 1 - 00:09:18 - I mean what I'm not I'm not with him. I'm not watching him. I'm not asking him every hour. How are you feeling? He could have won this bike race. He could have won. 00:09:30 The jury even at 25 years old with the inexperience that he that he may have. It's and I said it the other day you just the body over the course of three weeks. He only gets so many of those those accelerations sprinting for time bonuses sprinting for stage. Once those are all great. Those are all great. But boy, I can point to three or four that we can just it didn't matter. I mean it was bad ass to watch and it was impressive and it looked great on TV. But it didn't matter. He didn't need to do that

Speaker 2 - 00:10:03 - When he should have been conserving energy everywhere.

Speaker 1 - 00:10:07 - Ideally ideally but again, that's what that's the mistake. So physically even as a young Rider he he has the skills and the body to do it, but those just those are issues of inexperience of the head where you discuss, you know, I was gonna I'm cool to get forth today. I don't need to I don't need to put on a show and look I'm not criticizing him because I know exactly what he's thinking. He's in the pink jersey is the first time he's letter A huge deal if you feel good, you feel that good. You're like you do feel invincible. And so um, but you know, like we always we always talk about it some point the man with the hammer comes and just in that happened. It didn't happen today. It happened yesterday.

Speaker 2 - 00:10:50 - Fill us in more on we've touched on it a little bit but it really plays in again. This is about maturity and what the the taxing involvement of three week tour. What was it like for Yates to deal with being in the in the pink jersey day in day out.

Speaker 1 - 00:11:08 - Okay. Yes, it probably weighed heavily on him. It's a great question and it's let's just let's just call it the weight of the Jersey right? Obviously the Jersey weighs the same as every other jurors,

Speaker 2 - 00:11:18 - You hear people talking I mean interrupt but they talked about often about how your lifted when you're in the lead but there's also a heavy

Speaker 1 - 00:11:25 - Yes, and we saw the lift all those things. I just talked about. Those are the lift. That was the you and the strength and the benefit of being the leader and being in the Jersey now, you just can't ignore the weight of it and and and the consequences and the obligations that come with being in the Jersey whether it's pink or red or yellow or whatever color it is. There's just a lot that comes with it. Just just imagine that everything in your day from the moment the race finishes everything in your day from that point on is an hour later because he finishes the race. He has mandatory doping control. He had probably has some sort of press obligation. He has the podium. So this boom boom is all getting pushed back. Meanwhile his Rivals already headed to the hotel. They're already getting massage legs in the air. Yep, and they're eating dinner at 7:30 or 8:00. He's having dinner alone, 8:30 or 9:00. Um, and so it just it just adds up and it you know, and these aren't it's not as if it's stressful. It's just it's just an issue of schedule. And so, um, you know, Chris Froome. Yes, he had probably had controlled, you know, they're at the zone or whatever. But the rest of the time bam straight back to the hotel unless he was selected random, whatever but it um, well

Speaker 2 - 00:12:45 - You always always joke that you know head hits the pillow you're out no matter what's going on in the world, but probably a lot of other way

Speaker 1 - 00:12:55 - 94 sleep efficiency last night with my ring 94% I don't anybody what is an whatever just anybody. Write me 94%

Speaker 2 - 00:13:04 - Okay, we'll talk about that. Another thing will go down a rabbit hole talking about what how you're measuring your sleep right now for some of these guys when they they're probably elevated like this. They're probably can't sleep like you do or some of you people

Speaker 1 - 00:13:18 - Sleep is a very personal thing. Some people are good sleepers. Some people are not, you know, some people need it just absolutely perfect. And any quiet they need the temperature at 72 degrees and should all sleep anywhere.

Speaker 2 - 00:13:29 - So all that being said about the extra hour the extra commitments the that's what froome's dealing with right now.

Speaker 1 - 00:13:35 - Well for one day, yeah his one day one day of it. I don't know if I said it yet. But what we witnessed was you're not going to see that for a long time. I love we saw the interview and the guy says was this the most epic ride of your career. I mean that goes under the dumbest question of the day like there's nothing in his career or in anybody else's career the last decade that compares. This is just it was so spectacular hats off to him and

Speaker 2 - 00:14:05 - Going 80k from the finish. So dirty, I want to talk about the dirt. I don't it was they kept referring to it as gravel, and they said that they were actually trucks out there rolling it prior to the race coming through but look rugged to me it looked like you see you see them looking for a line much like you would see in uh in the classics

Speaker 1 - 00:14:25 - When you have yeah and you but you also saw at you know as they approached the Summit is I mean the snowbank or the snow the side of the roads walls were still huge so that it's warm out. Those are obviously melting. So when that stuff starts to melt off, it's just creating these little Rivers these little canyons in the middle of the road. You can roll it. All you want. You can't get it. Um, you can't get it flat. The question is is what are those guys? Think about riding on the dirt or riding on gravel? What do I think about? I mean, I think it's amazing I think. A sport which is should be and I think in some ways is trying to figure out a way to reinvent itself. Look to what's working. Let's because here's what's working right gravel racing in the United States and probably abroad is working and if you want to look at events that are selling out quicker than anything else there gravel events gravel bikes selling like hotcakes, you know people wanting to get off Main, you know paved congested roads with people on their phones and and all that other shit and they want to get out by them. So without the distraction out the risk and so gravel racing is exploding. So I think it's awesome that we're not talkin. Don't get it confused with cobblestones because it's not right but it changes, you know my question and I should know the answer and I don't know the answer is what part or how much of the Descent was gravel or dirt and somebody I'm sure 100 people will tell us if any of that was dirt or gravel that that's a big I don't recall seeing any so ideally, you know, I you'd hate to see Chris Froome on I'd like that and have to go two or three miles on a dissent that was gravel. Get a anything can happen there.

Speaker 2 - 00:16:08 - We got a little squirrelly a couple times just sending riding that top tube. I don't know if you caught that.

Speaker 1 - 00:16:15 - I can't you know the you know what I can't imagine the Chris Froome ever gets screw squirrelly on his bike. I mean that nothing changes there. I mean this was the most incredible ride we've seen in a decade but boy the kid is still just really hard to watch. I'm not driving. I know I'm not gonna ever say anything different.

Speaker 2 - 00:16:38 - Uh, it had to bring back some memories for you when they're talking about sestriere.

Speaker 1 - 00:16:43 - Yeah 1999. I took the yellow Jersey in Mets in the time trial and um, which nobody thought was going to happen and I'll never forget we had a rest day and then we transferred down there and there was like, okay. Well, that's great. The cancer kid got the yellow Jersey, but it can't climb and I said, okay. Well, we'll see and um, yeah kept it, you know epithets are kept but to Paris and so, um based on what I can tell but looking at the profile they did the other side of the back side. So they didn't do the same side that we did or at least they came into it from a different direction. They caught sort of half of today wasn't as long as it as it was for us in 1999 because as as you may or may not know these mountains oftentimes, there's at least two or three different ways to get to the top. Okay? Yeah.

Speaker 2 - 00:17:33 - So you weren't descending gravel when you did it 99

Speaker 1 - 00:17:38 - Negative negative right interested. I didn't we didn't defend because it was an uphill finish, right?

Speaker 2 - 00:17:42 - Uh, let's talk about Dumoulin and what he's thinking what possibility as what is it 40 seconds makeup,

Speaker 1 - 00:17:45 - He still win. He can still win my only my only reason I had well other than the fact he's racing to win or take 40 off. The best rider in the world is he too he had a very similar day, I mean Chris Froome was exceptional and put out an extraordinary effort that he will pay for but Tom did the same thing those guys that he was with were not helping him. He essentially was was that they were essentially time trialling against each other. Yes. He might have got some help here there, but he had a big day too. But if I'm him I telling like dude look dude, we got nothing to lose. The team has to be I don't know where his team is in terms of fatigue or Readiness. They have to be somehow find the way to be team Sky tomorrow and if they do that, you know and Chris Froome could get in trouble. You just you do pay for efforts like that. But when it's that club, I mean, that's the one day to go. I mean if your friend more like all I got to do is just get through today.

Speaker 2 - 00:18:45 - Yeah, but you never know like we learned today. You never know when someone completely cracks.

Speaker 1 - 00:18:48 - You just never know. That was like one time I was talkin to uh, Ben Crenshaw all the golfer and he was he was I think it was playing a match play with uh with Gary Player. This has nothing to do with today, but I think this always amazing and so you can concede the whole to somebody or you can give them a pot. If it's a three-foot putt or two foot Crenshaw had like a like an eight-inch putt been crenshaw's the best putter in the world at that time and bins like hey Gary, this good guy goes in you just never know you made him put it fucked up. His that assuming he made the cycling fans were like, what is he talkin about? He's lost it okay, uh in

Speaker 2 - 00:19:28 - Other things to look for tomorrow, I think we've covered most of it. It's like Dumoulin got to have the perfect team in the perfect day and Chris Froome has to crack. Otherwise, this is over.

Speaker 1 - 00:19:38 - We you know, I haven't looked at the weather weather is always a factor. It's it's 214 kilometers, which is pretty long. It's essentially flat gosh dang it. I'm just losing I can't even see anymore JB. This is terrible. I mean, it's dead almost dead flat for 130 kilometers and then, you know, then it's on like Donkey Kong so you got 85 kilometers three major climbs, um, and I'm just saying again anything can happen anything can happen between two I think between those two but there's nobody yeah. There's this is this is two guys

Speaker 2 - 00:20:12 - Talking Froome and Dumoulin my yep room and do my land that difference in style like do melons. It's like a it's like a freight train when it gets going and it's slow and steady. Yep. And then we've seen the Chris Froome can be a punchier quicker accelerator.

Speaker 1 - 00:20:30 - Yeah. Dumoulin has one speed and that's that's not a criticism that just is what it is. And so, you know, the good news for him is that one speed a lot of times is is pretty fast and people can't hold the wheel but he's not an explosive writer. He doesn't need to be isn't he to be I mean if that the only the only way he's going to win is if from has a bad day, he doesn't it's not we're not asking him to be exceptional like Christopher was today. He just has to hope that today's effort from Froome hurts him and that's that quite frankly. That's the only way he can win.

Speaker 2 - 00:21:04 - I wanted to share a comment with you. This came in on Facebook from uh, Benoit said, uh love the podcast. Thanks for doing this Lance and you've been talkin a lot about from spinning.

Speaker 1 - 00:21:18 Yep.

Speaker 2 - 00:21:19 - I think you opened this door back when you were competing with Ulrich. He was pulling the tough ones as you were being more efficient and froome's taken what you did and taking it a bit further. Uh, but I have to say I think you started all this.

Speaker 1 - 00:21:33 - Okay, but you're the well, thank you or or or whatever but look Cadence is an individual thing. So when I watched, uh, the New York City marathon and I watched The Stride of the leaders some guys have a short stride. Some guys have a long stride with your man or a woman or the doesn't matter here at the front of the back of the race. We're watching the front if you watch swimming some people have a short stroke. Some people have a long stroke. It's the same in cycling it. It's not as if everybody in this is a message. If there's any kid out there, um listening you don't have to copy that you have to do what your body wants to do. So yah norick. That's what his body was made to do. That's what he did. My body was made to spend at a hundred plus and so that's what I did. The problem is that if you're made to spend 100 plus and the coolest guy in the sport is spent in 70 and you try that you lose. So the key is to do what you're meant to do and you know a lot people don't figure that out so bad,

Speaker 2 - 00:22:32 - Uh quick question from Hunter rights in let's get those the move hats in the store feeling

Speaker 1 - 00:22:43 - On the way. We have a lot. We have a lot of new a lot of new swag coming. We're we're hustling to try to um to get everything together, but July is obviously a big month the we do store will be full and robust and completely different than it has been before and so there's stuff. I mean everything from this hat to the new the move hats to a lot of cool stuff. I don't want to I don't want to Peak too much under the

Speaker 2 - 00:23:04 - It's all in the works and and Hunter and anybody else listening you can go to we do and sign up for the newsletter. Then you'll be notified when all that stuff's ready to roll but it is in progress.

Speaker 1 - 00:23:23 - Yep. Can I just say before we leave um one special acknowledgment shout out because I did not see this uh until I was just scanning the news today Andy Hood who's covered cycling for? Long time sorry Andy, you're not that old but not young either but he's been around a long time. Um, there's he wrote an article on felonies just one day ago. It says headline our Froome and Sky plotting an ambush to win the Giro the entire article is about exactly what happened.

Speaker 2 - 00:23:50 - Maybe he published it today and posted it.

Speaker 1 - 00:23:55 - That would be uh, that didn't happen. But uh, but you know hats here's like, well he called it. He called the move and you know, that's what you get. I love when you have a sport that's covered by guys who know what the fuck they're talkin about. Like don't give me these guys that don't know what break away from a baguette don't but you get a guy like Andy Hood absolutely just I'm reading it. He called it. I mean, that's awesome. So congrats Andy, that's all I got man. You know what I got to do. I gotta get out of here because my 18 year old son is graduating high School to today and headed to college congratulations. I was like I was like, you know what I'm not gonna get emotional I gave him a watch last night fuckers the waiter had to mop me out. Uh, I couldn't even I was trying to say something profound and important and special I couldn't even talk anyways, and he's about to hit some training. Yeah the Texas yes, proud of you everybody.


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